Nebula Online Graduates From Early Access With A Mixed Rating

Kiss Ltd and Mizar Games recently launched their game Nebula Online as a full release on Steam. The game was previously in Early Access but has recently graduated to become available for a wide audience for $4.99. For the first week of being on sale the game is discounted by 20% off.

Leading up to coming out of Early Access the developers have been fixing bugs and attempting to stitch the glitches to the wall ahead of release, but it hasn’t all gone over so well. They had a fairly mixed rating before graduating Early Access and the rating didn’t change much after release.

The biggest issues from most gamers is that Nebula Online is still very buggy, and many claim it’s still unplayable.

However, the game’s shortcomings aren’t enough to keep some players away from Nebula Online. The rating is mixed because plenty of gamers still find that the game is fun. There’s also a mix of reviews both positive and negative who have received the game for free and some positive and negative reviews who actually paid for the title.

The reason some people enjoy it is because of the 4x MMO-style design. You get three different races to choose from and the ability to research, gather and craft new weapons and as well as various in-game zones that allow you to grow your dominance in safe zones, capture zones in hostile PvP zones, or trade and engage in workshops in the neutral zones.

The real-time PvP to take control of zones as you build up an empire, expand your fleet and exercise your dominance over the galaxy has actually lured in enough gamers to consider it to be fun.

The mixture of diplomatic, trading and combat offers a unique experience in an MMO that is rarely made available in other games. Nevertheless, the bugs and lag that some people have complained about have left an unpleasant taste in the mouths of some, and it’s likely going to take time and more bug-fixing and optimizing to eventually win over skeptics.

Through the process of exiting Early Access the game is also no longer free-to-play, but maybe that will also compel Mizar Games to continue to output patches and updates as they’ve been doing consistently throughout the Early Access run. You can learn more about Nebula Online and some of its features and gameplay by visiting the Steam store page or checking out the official website.