Next Assassin’s Creed Will Move Away From Scripted Narrative
(Last Updated On: November 18, 2016)

Ubisoft wants to give players more agency, something that’s been missing from today’s generation of games. In an interview with a French newspaper LeMonde, Ubisoft’s chief creative officer, Serge Hascoet, explained that they want to give players more freedom in how they play and scale back on the restricted scripted events.

According to, Hascoet stated…

“For the next Assassin’s Creed, the designers have created a system in which what I do not only has meaning just now, but also long-term,” […] “My actions will change the world.”

Sounds like a quote from Peter Molyneux.

According to the article Hascoet and crew will be using a similar model to Far Cry 4 when it comes to interactivity and freedom, something that also carried over into the design of Far Cry: Primal, which came out earlier this year. They also used part of that philosophy for Watch Dogs 2, despite all three games having scripted story narratives in how events unfolded.

However, in the case of Watch Dogs 2 the game could be played in a non-linear way, with players having the freedom to pick and choose their missions that all helped lead up to the game’s big finale against “The Douche”.

Ubisoft is hoping to create more “interesting” events and opportunities for players in Assassin’s Creed. They use Watch Dogs 2 as an example of a game packed with activities. Essentially they want to try to create the sort of mimetic effect that Rockstar has somehow mastered with GTA.

Part of the problem is that Ubisoft gets in the way of themselves. Assassin’s Creed is suffering from the brand fatigue, much like Call of Duty. We’ll see if Ubisoft’s “less scripted” approach to the narrative will help the upcoming game. Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate didn’t fare so well when it released in 2015, so maybe after a break for a year and an opportunity to refresh the franchise will help put the series back on track. Then again, if they go full SJW it won’t matter how little scripting they have for the narrative, they’ll simply have an IP dead in the water.

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  • FlamingoJet

    Goddamnit, no.

    The narrative is like the only good shit in this game series.


  • LurkerJK

    Im sorry guys but this is not a good thing

    The worst part of every sandbox game are the generic procedural content

    They are doing the No man’s land thing, a world with nothing interesting to do in it

    Youll buy the empty world for 60usd and then probably have to get every scripted missions as DLC if you expect to have fun with it

  • lucben999

    This is a good step, but only one step.

    I’d say that the primary problem with AssCreed is a lack of depth and complexity in its core gameplay mechanics (parkour, stealth and combat).

    • how ya doin?

      True. It’s stealth is not good.

  • durka durka

    I am gonna go ahead and say it far cry 4 was better than 3 because it let you play the damn game instead of constantly harassing you with scripted cutscenes and qtes

  • Sevuz

    Yeah I wanna see it before I believe. Publishers and their investors rarely dare to venture into new ideas. Some of the best ideas in gaming is done without their knowing and when it’s time to finish the game they don’t have any other choice than accepting it, unless they want to spent more money on the project. Wish they don’t in most cases.

  • Generaal

    Devs are quick to say “YOUR CHOICES MATTER!!!”

    Often, in the end, nothing mattered.

    Let’s see if Ubisoft can change keep their word.