NieR: Automata Gains New Forest Screenshots And More

We’ve seen some glimpses of the forest area before in past images for NieR: Automata but they were brief stills focusing on other aspects in the game, however we now get to see more of the forest location as well as Final Fantasy XV’s Engine Blade. Platinum Games and Square Enix will release their third-person, action-adventure game for PS4 early next year.

That’s right, publication site Famitsu has posted up more screenshots for NieR: Automata, and the screenshots are accompanied by a new video showing the collaboration with the team from Final Fantasy XV, allowing 2B to use Noctis’ Engine Blade.

Famitsu posted up more than five screenshots showing the collaboration between the said title along with images of the forest location.

As for the video it doesn’t run that long seeing that we only get 26 seconds worth of run time of 2B using the Engine Blade, but if you are itching to see more of the combat the video does a good job showing how fast and fluid you can pull off combos.

Before jumping into the video you can take a look at the new screenshots that sit below.

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According to Famitsu the description for the forest location reads that it is a naturally rich are where lush forests spread out alongside streams and rivers. There is also an old building that once was occupied by civilians, which stands as a castle that is now abandoned and rusted in the forest.

The site details that the machine life-forms that appear in the wooded area wear “Middle Age-style” armor and have a somewhat light or soft look to their appearance. The machines are well trained in military tactics and sport good form and formation.

The last piece of information regarding Automata reveals that the FFXV Engine Blade will sport its own evasion effects. The weapon special effects and damage output are said to be the same and will work like in the video that Square Enix posted up.

NieR: Automata will debut for PS4 in Japan on February 23rd, and will release across PC and PS4 for the West sometime in early 2017.


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