No Man’s Sky 1.1 Update Adds NPC Recruits, Farming, Customizable Freighters
(Last Updated On: November 27, 2016)

Lots of new content was added to No Man’s Sky‘s 1.1 update dubbed “Foundation”. Hello Games previously announced that the update would add in all sorts of new infrastructural groundwork for new updates, which includes base building, new ways to partake in quests and new game modes.

Over on the official No Man’s Sky blog they revealed that the space-faring adventure game now features three modes of play: Normal, Survival and Creative. The Normal mode is normal whereas the Creative Mode removes the need to worry about survival or hostilities frumping up your game. The Survival Mode makes everything harder and implements more survival related challenges for players to overcome.

The really cool part of the update is the modular base building, it’s quite similar to Subnautica, insofar that players can create compartments and add certain fixtures and storage units inside. This can also be used for the new farming feature that allows players to acquire plant life and grow them in their own little harvesting laboratory. Heck, you can even hire NPCs to work on your farm.

They explain how automated harvesters can now be used and new biome resources can be acquired. You can see how this all works out in the six minute 1.1 video tour below.

They explain that quick travel using terminus teleportation makes it easy to get from planets to space with ease. They talk about purchasing resource freighters to use as a way to transport goods from one planet to the next, and they now allow you to scan for resources on a planet from space.

They also added in motion blur post-processing (which can be turned off) to give a better depiction of movement while flying through space and TXAA was added for cleaner lines.

You can also modify the freighter(s) with the modular base building features, including adding in compartments for storage or quality of life features, and you can also add NPC scientists or weapon sellers to your freighter to keep things stocked, supplied and running. NPC engineers can also be used to fly and maintain the vessel.

The update is pretty significant and adds quite a lot of content to No Man’s Sky. Gamers are definitely less salty about the new update and are hoping that Sean Murray and the rest of Hello Games can recover the bungled launch of No Man’s Sky with strong post launch support.

This is just the start of Hello Games’ efforts to win back the despondent gaming audience who originally gave up on the game shortly after launch. We’ll see if they can keep it up, because so far this free 1.1 update is quite promising if this is the pathway toward things to come for No Man’s Sky.

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