Odyssey Gets Greenlit On Steam, Aims For Early Access In February

If you’ve been itching for more first-person puzzle games, you’re in luck because developer The Young Socratic’s Odyssey has successfully been Greenlit to appear on Steam after going through the Kickstarter process. Their next big hurdle is going to start in February, when they take Odyssey through the Early Access phase on Steam.

We reported on Odyssey a month ago when it was making its way through the headlines, easily nabbing comparisons to Ubisoft’s Far Cry series and Cyan’s older works like Myst and Riven. Well, now the next journey in the design process has been completed, with gamers having accepted the young developers’ game into the warm bosom of the Steam community, and now it’s time to see it come to fruition on the Steam store.

So why should you care about Odyssey? Well, if you’re into games that take place across gorgeous environments with challenging puzzles to solve, you might be interested in the game. To whet the taste of your curiosity’s tongue, you can visually sample some of the upcoming delights with the gameplay trailer below.

Players take on the role rescuing a young girl and her family across a series of isles, requiring puzzle solving along the way. The game is actually an edutainment title, focusing as much on the beautiful landscapes and mind-flexing puzzles as it does on the historical progression of science, mathematics and physics throughout human history.

A game with smarts!

It reminds me of a new generation of Sierra’s Dr. Brain and Incredible Machine series. It feels so refreshing to see these kind of games make a comeback and to see a community form around them.

In fact, Odyssey – in just under four days – managed to acquire all of its required Kickstarter funds and has surpassed it greatly. They still have 22 days left and are still racking in the funds to help bring the title to life as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

They’ve already gone through the pre-alpha builds earlier this year, and plan on getting the game up and out on Early Access as soon as possible.

Odyssey Promotional Image

As mentioned at the top of the article, you can expect to see Odyssey make its way into Early Access on Steam starting in February of 2017. According to the timeline, they plan on keeping the game in Early Access up until May of 2017. Between that time they plan to make online courses available, where educators can use it to help with higher education and learning.

If you want to contribute to the cause, you can check out the Kickstarter page. If you want to see more gameplay images and videos, be sure to check out the Steam Greenlight page.


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