Peria Chronicles Videos Detail Character Customizations

During the G-Star 2016 event in Busan, South Korea, ThingSoft unveiled new video footage and details on their unique new MMO called Peria Chronicles. It could almost best be described as a mix of Digimon, Everquest Next and the Tales Of series.

For gamers interested in the game’s character creation setup, there’s a four minute video featuring the customization details for the faces, hair and body shapes that was uploaded by GameHaunt.

The video covers changing the character’s hair style, which is the first selection. You can then add hair accessories, and hair extensions to the character character.

The next set of options changes the face features and eyes. You can then modify the character’s starting clothes. You can alter the top, top accessories, jacket, pants, shoes and stockings/sock.

There’s an alternate video from GamerMovie that goes into more depth with the character creation suite, giving you a look at the different hair options and sub-options available in the game.

You can change the base hair, the front bangs, the pig tails and the top bun, if you want.

You can also alter the hair color, as showcased in the video above.

After choosing the base eye type, you can then choose the eye color and the eye glow. You can also modify the eyebrows on a character, beauty marks such as moles, as well as tattoos and scars.

The second part of 4GamerMovie’s character creation video covers the facial structure and anatomical tools to modify different body parts.

You get to see how you can shrink and expand the jaw, the jowl, the cheek bones, the temple, the crown, the frontal lobe, the chin and the neck of a character.

The anime art-style means that gamers have a rather extensive variety of tools to make their perfect anime character, or it’s possible to recreate a character from an anime. It’s essentially waifu creator 1.0.

You can lower and raise the mouth, protrude or recede the mouth, raise and lower the eyes, shrink or enlarge the eyes, raise and lower the nose, shrink or grow the nose, or extend or recede the bridge and tip of the nose.

The amount of customization is scary detailed. Anime fans will be able to create their ultimate character and it should satisfy the desires of anyone looking to recreate popular characters (especially females) from other animes or mangas.

There’s a final video that 4GamerMovie posted up featuring a more extensive look at the clothing options and the ability to deck your character out in various outfits. You can check out the near eight minute video below.

There’s no set release date for Peria Chronicles but ThingSoft is receiving a heck of a lot of positive feedback on the game, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it received a global release.


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