Planet Explorers, Futuristic Planet Colonization Game Graduates Early Access
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2016)

Pathea Games’ Planet Explorers has been in development for quite some time, and the fruits of the developer’s labors have finally paid off in the form of a full release on Steam, graduating from the Early Access ranks.

Games that make the leap from developmental territory in Early Access to a full release are definitely worth celebrating given that it’s not always easy to finish some projects, especially when finances, technical roadblocks or manpower play heavy factors in getting a game up, out and completed.

In the case of Planet Explorers, Pathea Games worked assiduously to make the game mechanically rich and feature complete, and gamers are loving them for it. The futuristic title is currently available for $24.99.

The planet colonization game features three distinct modes of play, including an Adventure Mode that focuses on procedurally generated missions based on a random seed you spawn into. There’s a Story Mode with a distinct questline for your character to follow as they attempt to help a colony survive on a dangerous planet, which requires players to help them build farms, survive against the wildlife and negotiate with other NPCs living on the planet to unlock the game’s true ending. And then there’s the Build Mode, which allows you to build whatever you want in a 40km x 40km space.

You can get a glimpse of the gameplay with the video below.

The Story Mode features a 30 hour campaign, and if you want you can actually play through it with a friend via the multiplayer cooperative option. There’s also multiplayer versus modes, too, where up to 16 players can compete for full control of the world and utilize the fullest extents of Planet Explorers’ terraforming manipulation tools.

There are 140 different enemy types, digging, fighting, exploring, farming, and even diplomacy.

The users on Steam absolutely adore Planet Explorers and have given it a mostly positive score.

The game has its own unique look and is pretty much what a lot of people expected No Man’s Sky to be, save for the lack of space combat. But if you’re looking for a true procedurally generated sandbox game with an actual storyline and NPCs to interact with, you can check out the game by visiting the Steam store page.

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