Project SOCJUS Heavy Saber Combo Teased For Vivian James

The developers at Anomalous Games continue to feed gamers small bits of information for the upcoming 2D side-scroller, Project SOCJUS. The latest news features an animation for Vivian James wielding the heavy blade and carrying out a combo attack used to take down some pesky SJWs.

The animation was posted up to the Twitter account of Anomalous Games. It features Vivian standing against the logo of Project SOCJUS while performing a multi-hit combo with the heavy saber. Check it out below.

Vivian performs a downward slash, followed up by a spinning slash, an upward strike, and then one final cut down the side.

The animation looks good.

Of course, attack animations are only as effective as the hit-detection and hit reactions from the enemies, so hopefully they do a solid job with ensuring that the enemies properly respond and react to being cut to pieces by Vivian’s heavy saber.

The game is really starting to take shape, even though just four people are working on it. They already have the voices nailed down, with popular YouTuber KiteTales providing the voice track for Vivian James in the game.

Project SOCJUS sees Vivian battling against the forces of the Social Justice Warriors in a dystopian future where bad game journalism is truth, and Social Justice ideology is law. It’s a future where #GamerGate lost. Heck, it’s not too far off from today’s society… sad as that may be.

The development is coming along quite nicely and they recently let loose a gameplay trailer to help give gamers a small tease and taste of what they’ve accomplished so far. If you want to keep track of the development of Project SOCJUS, be sure to visit the official Tumblr page for Anomalous Games.

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