Punch Planet Punches Its Way On To Steam Greenlight
(Last Updated On: November 1, 2016)

Looking for another fighting game? Well, there may be one for you if you are into galactic punching. Indie developers Sector-K Games just submitted their 2D, 3D fighting game Punch Planet on Greenlight, which is set to be for PC.

Punch Planet is the type of game that I wish more indie devs would make or submit to Greenlight. I’ve got to say the devs did a nice job with the graphical designs of the characters, and how the animations play out, which look really nice to be a product of Greenlight.

But with complements aside, and looking over to what the game has to offer players, the fighting game, Punch Planet, brings a story to the table that sees an undercover Detective named Roy caught up in a galactic conspiracy. While framed for high target murder, he must clear his name by following a single lead that takes him to the Planet K-0.

“Roy, an undercover Detective for the Luna PD is caught up in a galactic conspiracy. Framed for a high profile murder, he must follow his only lead to Planet K-0. Known to many as Punch Planet, it is the central hub for the evil scum of the Universe. There, he will have to track down the real murderer and bring them back to his home world in an attempt to clear his name.”

Before detailing how the combat system operates, you can watch two trailer for Punch Planet that come in by Punch Planet‘s channel.

Punch Planet will feature competitive multiplayer and online support. Online modes currently hold a versus mode, and Tag versus that pits two players against another set of two fighters.

As noted above the game will feature a story mode, but it will also come with several single player activities like Arcade, Trails, Training, and Survival.

As for mechanics, there will be move canceling and extreme attacks. Integrating some of the lore into the gameplay, a time traveling device for people to go back one second into the past can be used in battle to correct a mistake, but this device is limited in use — so you will have to use this with caution. Extreme attacks allow for varied normal attacks to look and perform different, which will obviously throw your opponent off and could give a potential upper-hand in a fight.

For more information on Punch Planet and the devs you can visit punchplanet.com, or you can help support the game by heading on over to Steam Greenlight.

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  • This looks like a ‘Westernized’ version of a Japanese fighting game.

    And yes, nailed-on incoming SJW whine about the female character design.

  • C G Saturation

    Undoubtedly an SJW-triggering female character design.

  • jlnod15

    Looks like something that should be more Streets of Rage. If you ask me

    • Same here. I was hoping it was going to be a detective noir title where you searched for clues and talk to people and then beat the snot out of them like SOR.

      • Alistair

        Streets of Rage wasn’t like that, it was a side scroller beat em up for Mega Drive. lol :p

        • Haha, yeah…but I’m saying it would have been cool if they fused the two genres. Detective noir adventure stuff and Streets of Rage fighting. The best of both worlds.