Rocket League Steam Workshop Mod Support Arrives In December
(Last Updated On: November 22, 2016)

Psyonix announced over on their official website that Rocket League will receive Steam Workshop support for custom made user mods starting in December.

The update will be free for PC users and allow them to start building custom made maps and levels, expanding the possibilities of Rocket League to all new heights. Usually a game with a Steam Workshop has an opportunity to become even bigger than it already is, like what happened with Garry’s Mod (even though after every major update many of the mods from the Workshop would become useless).

Nevertheless, Rocket League is a huge game and the developers have made enough money to retire already, but they’ve decided to stick with supporting their community because they’re real gamers. They actually love the gaming industry, opposite of people who claim to be game journalists.

The new Workshop support will allow players to download all new levels for the game. They don’t mention if there will be new skins or models, but hopefully that options is available at some point down the line because it opens up tons of really cool modding possibilities.

One thing I’m most interested in seeing from Rocket League is whether or not people will create challenge levels, similar to the Deathrun maps in Garry’s Mod. How awesome would be to have players battle through platforming segments in order to get to the ball and then score a point to win the stage? The possibilities are practically endless.

After Rocket League came out back in 2015 I expected the developers to soak in the money, resting on their laurels and call it a day. They also could have taken the money and complained about people choking down on big slippery schlongs like Phil Fish, but given that Psyonix is composed of real developers they decided to take time out to find ways to expand on their vision and help give the gaming community something to latch onto with near infinite amounts of replayability. Toiling at actually making the game better with every new update is something fans duly appreciate.

You can look for the new Steam Workshop update for Rocket League to drop in December.

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