Saints Row IV Gets Steam Workshop Mod Support
(Last Updated On: November 22, 2016)

Volition Software decided to pull out a crazy update for Saints Row IV today, announcing that Steam Workshop support has been enabled for the mod community; giving them an opportunity to expand their mods from the back corners of the web and the crevices of forum boards and bring them up the forefront of the Steam gaming community.

Over on the Steam page Volition mentions how it was a challenging endeavor to make the Steam Workshop support happen for all manner of mods, but they feel it was worth it, writing…

“ A handful of dedicated Volition devs worked on this in their free time to update the engine and remove memory restrictions, as well as finding a way for individual mods to interact and work correctly with each other without the need for running special tools. It was all a labor of love for our fans, and we’re incredibly excited to see the crazy content you come up with!”

This is an awesome move, especially since they worked with the good folks at to help bring the tools to life.

There aren’t a lot of mods available right now, but there’s about 27 entries over on the Workshop page featuring a wide assortment of modifications, including new weapons, new player skins (such as an angry clip board) various mods to extend the rifts throughout Steelport, and new clothes and special powers.

There’s a lot of modding potential for Saints Row IV and I can’t wait to see what the broader community does for the game (assuming people still remember it and play it). A lot of the modding opportunities will also be dependent on how wide-reaching the news is regarding the content, so people might be compelled to put some time into the three-year-old game if they see that people are still playing it and making content for it.

In light of the news you can pick up a digital copy of Saints Row IV for 75% off the normal price, making it available for only $3.74. The special promotion will last all week long up until November 29th. You can check it out over on the Steam store page.

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