Scrap Mechanic To Gain Survival Mode And Particle Update

Mechanics and engineers who have been sticking with Scrap Mechanic should be happy to know that in the coming updates there will be a fully functional Survival Mode along with particle effects that modders will be able to manipulate. Currently Axolot Games’ Scrap Mechanic is out now for PC via Steam Early Access.

The new improvements and changes for Scrap Mechanic are being tested on a Public Test Server (PTS) so that the devs can get consistent feedback and fix things accordingly without extra complications. On this Public Test branch the devs have started testing a new engine that allows for better FPS (frames-per second) and better looking textures.

Furthermore, the devs are cooking up a new mode called Survival that will also bring new cosmetic and facial features for players to better customize their characters with. The mode is said to be in heavy development so I’m assuming we may not get the Survival mode this month, but rather in the near future seeing how the devs have high hopes for this mode.

Looking over to the part that got me most excited is the ease of being able to fiddle around with particle effects, considering that before it wasn’t a real option. Modders will be able to make their mods “even more amazing” with this feature thanks to the new particle engine that adds a bevy amount of new game content and features.

Most of the ‘DevBlog 10’ consisted of cosmetic changes and other character options for players to utilize when making a character, which was followed by other updates like enhanced suspension options, an encryption tool, and Survival Mode clothes.

If you want to read the full update regarding Survival Mode and the particle effects that modders can manipulate you can head on over to

The game is currently out now on Steam Early Access and has a 25% off special going on that drops its price down from $19.99 to $14.99.


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