Sega Details Puyo Puyo Chronicles “Skill Battle” Rules

In recent news regarding Sega and Puyo Puyo Chronicles, the puzzling Tetris-like game just gained new info regarding its Skill Battle rules, which was recently posted on Puyosega’s channel. Puyo Puyo Chronicles is set to debut on the Nintendo 3DS over in Japan on December 8th.

The latest info published by Sega pertaining to Puyo Puyo Chronicles revolves around Skill Battles. This is a new mechanic that appears in the game and advantageously makes battles more skillful depending on the character and their skills used during a match.

There are two types of skills, AutoSkills and Special Skills. The former automatically triggers when under/performing specific conditions that are met during a match. The latter consumes MP and only triggers by pressing the X button.

Furthermore, there are various types of Special Skills, from skills that alter and change the state of the puzzle field to skills that recover HP. You can select which character’s skill to trigger by pressing the L and R buttons, so you can use a skill that benefits the situation you are in. Additionally when meeting certain requirements, your skill will rank up and attain an even greater effect in a match.

To see the new rule in action, Skill Battle, you can check out an older video that comes in by Puyosega.

Sega also noted that players who aren’t good at puzzle games or Tetris games, they will be able to defeat enemies by leveling their characters and triggering skills that best compensate their inexperienced skill in a match.

Lastly, Sega-Nama published a 14 minute long video showing in-game footage of Puyo Puyo Chronicles, which includes both the RPG Mode and the Skill Mode.

Those looking for a Western release date will have to wait seeing how the devs provided no word on said release. However Puyo Puyo Chronicles is set to debut on the Nintendo 3DS over in Japan on December 8th.


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