Shenzhen I/O Update Version 1.2 Brings New Features And Fixes Bugs
(Last Updated On: November 1, 2016)

Those who like building chip-setups and other circuit boards will most likely enjoy Shenzhen I/O update version 1.2. This firmware update addresses some of the internal hardware components in the game, which includes new parts to explore, tweaks and bug fixes. Shenzhen I/O, by Zachtronics, is out now for PC via Steam Early Access.

The latest update 1.2 for Shenzhen I/O is also joined by another update that comes in on November 1st. This brings new content, tweaks to existing features and addresses other bugs in the game.

New Content:

The LX900C has been superseded by the LX910C, which includes a touchscreen interface and the ability to queue whether a specific segment is on or off.

The new 100P-33 and 200P-33 memory chips are now available in the sandbox. Joining the new chips comes datasheet pages for the N4PB-8000, LX700, and the LX910C.

New Features:

There is now a new scoring metric system for the number of lines of code used in a design. Moreover, support for code breakpoints are now added, which can be set by control-clicking on a line of code.

Content Tweaks:

The new tweaks add visual changes to some of the chips and boards in the game. This includes adding pins on both sides of the LX700 numeric LCD, and changing it to show up horizontal.

Other boards now have more neutral keybinding and take up less board space from before. Furthermore, soft locking on the 100P-14 is now removed with the 200P-14, instead of in the subsequent set of soft unlocks.

The last bit of tweaks made include puzzles being improved, and signal indicators for input terminals being improved.

Bug Fixes:

More than eight bugs have been squashed. These squashed bugs included simulation timeslices now ending appropriately, invisible characters not showing up in the editor anymore, ending results now being consistent where as before different statistics were being shown, among others.

Lastly, the new update that comes in today fixes a bug where the PGA33X6 would behave inconstantly, and would show color-coordinating shoes that never called for “HyPurple” in data test.

To read up on the full rundown for update version 1.2 and the PGA33X6 update, you can head on over to the firmware update and the update page. Shenzhen I/O is out now for $14.99 on Steam Early Access.

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