Shuyan Mixes Visual Novel Adventure With 3D Kung fu Beat’em Up Combat
(Last Updated On: November 14, 2016)

I have personally always had a problem with Visual Novel series because in my opinion, they aren’t real games. However, Shuyan is doing something very different by adding actual 3D beat’em up gameplay for their action scenes.

Developers Mark Media have come up with a graphic novel story that they decided to turn into a video game, making it a Visual novel adventure story that will take place over the course of several chapters. The story follows Shuyan, a princess that wants to become a warrior and break free from the boring life that is in store for her.

Shuyan ends up learning martial arts and becoming the keeper of a powerful and ancient magic. When General Ganbataar rises up an army and threatens her hometown, it is up to Shuyan to defend her people and stop the evil General. The story will have full professional voice actors for the story, with multiple choice scenes that will lead to three different endings.


Unlike standard Visual/Graphic novel games, Shuyan has a pretty heavy emphasis on combat and gameplay, and the developers even has an entire webpage dedicated to Chinese martial arts, Kung Fu, and the development process of the making of Shuyan, where they show how they came up with an authentic story and their Kung fu combat system.

It appears that Shuyan saga first started as a mobile Smartphone game a few years ago, and since then the developers have been working on making a new game, with a more detailed combat system for PC to add a more hands-on gameplay experience. They also say that they have motion captured animations that were done by Longfei Yang, who is a master of the Shanxi Praying Mantis Kung Fu style, which will give the game a more detailed Kung fu combat system.

really reminds me of The Last Airbender and Legend Of Korra in terms of story and its basic concept, so for me this game looks really interesting. The developers released their first Steam Greenlight teaser trailer that I linked down below, that explains a bit of the story and shows off some of the combat.

The concept seems really cool, so I’m really looking forward to seeing the game come together and move forward with development.

Shuyan doesn’t seem to have an official release date yet, but you can visit their official website to sign up for early beta testing access, and if you are lucky you’ll be able to test out the game and help the developers work out the major bugs before release.

For additional information and details, or to cast your vote, make sure you also check out their Steam Greenlight page to learn more.

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  • C G Saturation

    Yeah, I’m getting a Legend of Korra vibe too. Also vaguely reminded of how Dreamfall (not Chapters) had some combat sequences.

    Defining genre is a difficult thing. I think I’d consider visual novels with lots of choices that matter more of a game than linear games with loads of cutscenes.

    There are a bunch of games that I’d consider “primarily visual novels” that have actual gameplay like tactical war sim, RPG, platform, action, etc, too. Sometimes it’s well-developed, sometimes it’s not.

    When I’m looking through Steam games, I see nice art and think “that looks nice!” then it turns out to be a visual novel, and I’m disappointed because that’s not what I was looking for. That, and a lot of games seem to have nice 2d/concept art but shitty in-game visuals.

    • Nick

      I don’t mind. I agree that visual novels can vary quite a bit. I would personally consider most of Telltale games to be visual novels because for most of them you read the choices, then watch the outcome like a kids “Choose your own adventure” story (I used to read a lot of the R.L. Stine ones growing up). Most strategy and tactical games have a fair bit of reading, narration and exposition between each battle to set up future battles (especially the Super Robot Taisen series).

      I don’t mind those, just so long as they have some type of interaction for the gamer to actually play.

      I only have a problem with the ones you see on Steam Greenlight where it has a bunch of anime characters and you literally just click and read through them. Most don’t even have multiple endings or choices that really matter. It’s literally just a picture book…

      Yes, they are graphic novels, no I will not accept them as real games. @[email protected];

      • C G Saturation

        Yeah. I think it’s good that Steam delivers lots of stuff, but at the same time it’s a huge pain searching through so much crap. Not sure if it has a “don’t show stuff from this tag” feature.

        • Nick

          Kind of, I think it has a “not for me” button or something like that, and it’ll weed out similar titles… but the tags are so general it doesn’t do a very good job…. also, it would weed out more unique games like the one in this article.

          • C G Saturation

            Thanks. I don’t understand why so many services have trouble providing decent search functions. It’s like they’re all run by non-humans who search using supernatural senses that the rest of us don’t have.