Sky Force Anniversary, SHMUP Hits Xbox One December 9th

Infinite Dreams announced that starting December 9th gamers will be able to get their hands on the vertical-scrolling shoot-’em-up, Sky Force. The game is designed to be a throwback to the classic shoot-’em-ups from the yesteryears – the Zone 66s and the Raptor: Call of the Shadows.

The game features a full on single-player mode where players will battle through a full-on campaign in an attempt to defeat the evil forces of General Mantis. The game gives players a variety of weapons to pick up and various power-ups to acquire as they attempt to move through the levels and avoid taking damage. This is a recreation of the classic Sky Force from years ago, except it’s been designed to take advantage of today’s mechanics.

The game originally came out on the PS3, PS4 and the PlayStation Vita earlier this year, back during the summer, but it skipped out on releasing on the Xbox One. Well, this time around the game is making its way to the Xbox One next month. Thanks to Chris Charla and the [email protected] program’s revamp of how they allow games to arrive on the platform with non-parity releases, Xbox One owners get to play Sky Force Anniversary even though it’s a little bit later than what they had imagined.

You can see what the top-down, vertical scroller looks like in action with the video trailer below.

In addition to blasting through the single-player portion of the game, you can grab a friend and go through the game’s co-op mode, just like many other classic arcade games. You can rescue civilians and collect money throughout the game in order to upgrade your ship.

The co-op mode is only local, so you will have to have real life friends or family to join in with you to battle against the forces of evil. No online co-op this time around.

Even still, the game is only $9.99. You’ll be able to scratch some fun out of the title if you’re into the vertical scrollers and need a good arcade shooter to flesh out your arcade collection on your Xbox One.