Skyrim Mods Overhaul Conversations And Add New Follower

There are two new mods for Skyrim, the first of whichchanges the conversations in the game between players and NPCs while the second mod adds a new follower that sports her very own voice. Bethesda’s role-playing game, Skyrim, is out now for PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

There are two new mods available for Skyrim with one of them changing the conversations in the game while the second mod offers folks a new follower that is fully voiced.

The first mod comes in by Gorgulla, who set out to change the dialogue in the game and how NPCs talk to the player and other NPCs. The modder behind the mod gave a quick rundown on what folks can expect from Realistic Conversations’ content…

Ever wondered why npcs always seem to have a longer pause between each sentence? Well No more, They are actually talking like people should do now.


Every social logic in Skyrim for npcs is changed, they talk more often to each others. And will less likely greet to you from a distance, they will also greet less often too, making them not act as much as robots. NPCs are also more clever and will know for example if they talked to a npc and will therefore talk to another or not talk at all.

In addition to Realistic Conversations, other mods like RDO, Immersive Citizens, Follower Commentary, Guard Dialogue, Face to Face conversations and No NPC Greetings are all compatible with the conversation mod.

You can get this mod by heading on over to NexusMods.

The next mod by Teylin offers a fully voiced follower that brings a new quest along with her. Acalypha comes with three outfits, switchable armor, three different hairstyles, two different eye colors and features multiple romance stages.

You can see Acalypha in action thanks to Sinitar Gaming‘s YouTube channel.

If this mod seems like something worth getting you can download it be hitting up NexusMods.

For more information on if any of the above mods are for consoles you can visit


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