Somber Puts Players On A Dangerous Ship Full Of Killer Robots

A first-person exploration game from Jeli Liam called Somber is currently in development. The point-and-click sci-fi title was announced recently with a teaser trailer showing off some of the environments and the setting that players will encounter.

The game itself is set in the far future aboard a seemingly abandoned mining ship. The player-character is sent to investigate, only to find that there appear to be no humans aboard and no further signs of life. However, before the player-character can actually board the ship, the mining vessel blows up their ship and they get knocked out by space debris.

After waking up aboard the mining ship, the player is informed that the ship is not empty and that the robots aboard are self-aware and programmed to kill anything they catch moving through the halls. This sends players on a desperate mission to understand what happened before they become torn to shreds by the killer robots. One of the robots named Rick will attempt to help you escape, but only if you do something for him in return. It’s almost a little bit like Five Nights at Freddy’s… in space.

The teaser trailer doesn’t showcase much but it does give gamers a small inkling of what the atmosphere will be like. It’s an indie game for sure but still heavily under development.

If the game ends up turning out like Soma or Monstrum, I could see it picking up a loyal following rather quickly.

The fact that it’s a point-and-click style game instead of the typical walking simulator opens the door for some interesting possibilities.

I also wonder if there will be anyway to defend yourself? In a lot of horror games fending oneself off from enemies is usually prohibited, but it definitely adds some depth and layer to the game, similar to Alien: Isolation.

Anyway, you can check out the Gamejolt page for Somber to follow the development and keep an eye on the progress.


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