Some Battlefield 1 Fans Are Warning Gamers Not To Rent Servers

There’s a lengthy post over on the sub-Reddit for Battlefield 1, DICE’s latest first-person shooter for home consoles and PC. The post is titled like a PSA, declaring “DO NOT RENT A SERVER!”.

User GrowImonDrgnbutt has a list of bullet points as to why the rent-a-server for Battlefield 1 is actually worse than the one DICE implemented for Battlefield 4.

There are way too many issues that he brings up in the thread to adequately cover in a timely and appropriate matter in this article, but the gist of it is that server administrators don’t have much control over the servers they rent, even to the point where you can’t even assign someone else to be an administrator and you don’t even get administrator privileges.

The post also points out that there are no reserved slots on a server for players, VIPs or administrators, so a game can technically fill up and the admin may not even be allowed in.

Other restrictions and limitations include only allowing six maps in rotation, not having a ban list or the ability to ban players from the server, and there is no in-game server menu, so you can’t make administrative changes or tweaks during a live game.

Plenty of players agreed that there needs to be some tweaks made to the rent-a-server option because they aren’t likely going to pay $300 a year for what’s essentially an annexed server to the standard official servers.

On PC gamers are used to having a lot of freedom and control when they pay to run their own servers, but with Battlefield 1 DICE and EA have put in more restrictions for this year’s outing than in Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4.

I reached out to EA’s press rep to ask if DICE had any plans to address this issue but they haven’t responded as of the writing of this article.


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