Space Engineers White Star Mod Is An Unfolding Space Station
(Last Updated On: November 14, 2016)

A new mod has arrived for Space Engineers on the Steam Workshop from user Sussurro called the White Star. It’s a really cool mod that features an unfolding spaceship that can basically hover and orbit around as a complimentary space station.

The ship starts off folded up like a pod. While inside the White Star, it’s possible to activate the controls and unfold the ship so that it blossoms into what looks like a star.

According to Sussurro, you’ll need to enable the safety lock while you’re inside in order to fly the White Star as a ship, otherwise you won’t be able to control it. He doesn’t really go into the details of the specifications but there are a series of images showing how the space craft goes from the pod to the fully bloomed star.

Space Engineers - White Star

Space Engineers - White Star

Space Engineers - White Star

It reminds me of the Armored Core unfolding space station that we wrote about a couple of years ago. The White Star, however, isn’t quite as big or quite as complex, but it’s still pretty cool.

You can also walk around inside, exploring the main docking hub for another small vessel to land, or venturing to the cockpit where a crew of up to three other space engineers can take control of the vessel and pilot it around or unfold it as necessary.

Quite naturally, a bunch of people in the comment section wanted Sussurro to add working lasers or missiles to the center of the station so that it could be used as an orbital strike cannon. It’s not a bad suggestion, actually.

You can get your hands on the mod right now by subscribing to it from over on the Steam Workshop page. According to the description, you won’t need any additional mods to make this particular space craft operate, so once you download it you’re good to go.

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