Steep Gameplay Video Shows Off New Ski Tricks, Mechanics

A new video showcases some of the new gameplay for Steep, and the focus of the video is on skiing downhill for just over six minutes. The details of Steep aren’t showcased in the video, however, but rather talked about by a YouTuber who attended a private preview event.

The YouTuber in question is WikiGameGuides. He offers his impressions on Steep, revealing some useful tidbits of data to viewers, such as the game not having an actual grind mechanic, or that all of the tricks and stunts are based more-so on realism than the super over-the-top tricks in games like SSX or Amped.

Given that he’s an avid skier in real life, he felt more comfortable playing with the skis instead of the wingsuit or the snowboard. You can check out the footage below, but it’s mostly just a downhill run with nothing special or spectacular taking place on screen.

He explains that the physics aren’t uber realistic. You can still take hard hits and keep going, or tumble down a cliff side and pop right back up. But it’s definitely far from the typical extreme sports title where you’re pulling off 100 tricks on a single jump.

He likens the game’s realism to EA’s Skate series.

Interestingly enough, he does point out that Steep is likely a game that’s not for everyone. In fact, he says that those of you out there looking for a steep (pun intended) challenge, you may not find it in this game. It’s more for the kind of gamer looking for a cruising experience – something designed to give you a challenge with a zen-like atmosphere surrounding the play experience.

To be honest? I’m already sold.

Steep looks like a refreshing break from all the first-person shooters and the ho-hum open-world games that seem to have become about as fresh as an Adam Sandler movie.

You can look for Steep to drop on December 2nd for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Oh yeah, and if you want a video that’s more over-the-top and ridiculous, you can check out Outside Xtra’s wingsuit challenge video below.


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