Steep’s Open Beta Available For Download On PS4, Xbox One, PC

Ubisoft has let the Steep beta go loose over on the Steam store, the Xbox store and the PlayStation store right now. You can grab the free beta and begin your journey in open-world extreme sports gameplay at this very moment.

The open beta is no small client. It’s about 1GB shy of the full version of the game, which is 16GB. The open beta clocks in at 15.79GB. If you don’t have any room free you might want to free up some room right now now.

You have two different options for getting your hands on the beta for PC, including downloading the game from the Uplay client or grabbing the game from the Steam store. Over on the official Steep beta page they also have links for the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

You can download the free open beta for Steep from the Xbox store or download the PS4 version from the PlayStation store.

The current feedback on the game from the general audience is that there is potential but the trek across the map when you don’t fast travel is harsh due to being a slow uphill climb. There are a lot of complaints about the paragliding being boring since you can’t do much, and there were also complaints that the wingsuit (squirrel suit) segments didn’t allow for rolling or evasive maneuvers, which a few gamers felt dampened the excitement of the mode.

There are some people who genuinely like the game, enjoying Ubisoft’s take on the open-world extreme sports genre. Some feel as if it’s a less feature-rich version of SSX without the cool tricks and without the dynamic playability.

Almost universally, though, everyone seems to be praising the game’s graphics. They like the cloth-based physics, the snow effects, the environment designs and a lot of the post-processing used to help bring Steep to life in full HD and ultra HD.

If you want to play-test the game for yourself you have a couple of days to get in on the goods between November 18th and November 21st. It’s free so you lose nothing but bandwidth and time. For more information you can visit the official website or hit up places like Steam to grab the free beta.


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