Sunset Rangers To Bring Western Sandbox Action To Steam

Sunset Rangers is an indie game by 9heads Game Studios. The Western sandbox game just isn’t a sandbox game though, but a Sci-Fi Western game that holds typical Minecraft building features. Sunset Rangers is set to come out this month for PC via Steam Early Access.

If you are looking for a FPS Western game to play with friends or with random people across the Interwebs, then you might like 9heads Game Studios’ Sunset Rangers. The game currently holds PvP, some aspects of PvE, structure building, exploraton and will be available later this month.

Sunset Rangers also seeks to bring Sci-Fi elements in its core gameplay, which is pretty interesting if you ask me. But if you want more information or a summary on what you will be able to do in the game you can read the official description below.

“Sunset Rangers is a Western Sandbox in a random open world, with random events (from a simple hidden barrel to a giant worm that requires dozens of players to kill). In this dangerous world, you will need powerful guns, which are random too.”

I know the game sports typical Minecraft building mechanics, but I do like the idea that the devs want to implement more strange Sci-Fi stuff in a Western setting. I like the idea that a giant Dune-like worm creature roams the desert and calls for multiple players to work together to take it down — that is if you don’t betray the person next to you.


As for gripes with the current state of Sunset Rangers, it lacks some polish when it comes to the shooting mechanics. I also don’t like that some of the animations aren’t that fluid, especially reloading the weapons in the game.

If the devs can polish up Sunset Rangers a bit more and see the project through its run on Early Access, I think it could unfold into a very interesting project. Anyways, you can watch the trailer for the game thanks to 9heads Game Studios‘ channel.

Sunset Rangers is slated to come out sometime this month for PC. If you want more info on the game you can head to Steam Early Access or


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