Super Rad Raygun, Action Indie Game Is Now On Steam

We covered Super Rad Raygun before announcing that it would soon hit PC via Steam. Well that day is here and the game — from publishers Rooster Teeth and ScrewAttack Games, and developer TRU Fun Entertainment — is now playable

Sporting ultra sharp 144p resolution and hardcore graphics that only display four unique shades of mono off-green, fuel the existence of Super Rad Raygun. This means the wait is now over if you want to go back to 198X and fight big-haired punks, Communist scientist bears, robots and ninjas.

“It is the year 198X. Big hair is hot, and the war with the Soviets is colder than a refreshing glass of New Coke. RAD RAYGUN must travel the world fighting communist robots, and save the 1980′s by shooting his way through the decade in a totally fresh, expanded version of the original XBLIG game.”

Super Rad Raygun sees players assuming the role of a Gamboy/Megaman hero in an attempt to fight a new wave of deadly enemies, and traverse rad locations.

Special upgrades can be found and applied to strengthen Super Rad so that he can use a variety of boosts to his speed, mobility and arm blaster. Like the Gameboy the power-ups scattered around are all powered by a battery system that will force players to make the hard decision on what to equip when blasting into a mission.

If you have no clue as to how Super Rad Raygun looks and you want to grace your eyes on the advanced graphics and well constructed ultra sharp 144p resolution, a new launch trailer sits below for you to watch. The video comes in by ScrewAttack‘s channel.

The game is running for $9.99 over on Steam. For more information regarding the devs and Super Rad Raygun you can head on over to


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