Tartarus, Survival Space Game Enters Steam Greenlight

Indie devs Abyss Gameworks made a new game running on the Unreal Engine 4 named Tartarus, which is a survival space game. Tartarus is currently seeking votes on Steam Greenlight, and if successful will release for PC sometime during the early part of 2017.

Greenlight is very random in terms of what you will get regarding gameplay and quality, with most of the times the submissions on the platform being pretty strange or flat out bad. In the case of Abyss Gameworks’ Tartarus the game isn’t anything that will blow you away, but at the same time it isn’t one of those scams or lazy projects containing borrowed assets from other games.

Taking a look at the actual game, Tartarus is set in the year 2230 where a mining and research vessel named Tartarus (MR Tartarus 220478) experiences a security protocol near the planet Neptune. In addition to the story of the game, folks will assume the role of Cooper (a miner of the ship) who has to restart all systems one by one before the ship crash lands on Neptune.

There are two new trailers that are up for you to watch, which the first of the two is a teaser trailer while the second video stands to be actual in-game footage — both videos are by Abyss Gameworks.

If the indie devs can get the voices to be a bit more polished and fix the walking animations from that strange bobbing motion I think everything, for the most part, will be fine.

Lastly, the game is said to feature puzzles throughout the ship that will supposedly test players wits. I’m not sure how well these puzzles will be but I’d imagine that they will revolve heavily around picking up stuff and rewiring stuff — seeing how the main character sucks at being an electrician.

If you want to help the devs get Tartarus through Steam you can head on over to the game’s Greenlight page. For more information on Tartarus and Abyss Gameswork you can visit tartartusthegame.com.


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