The Division 24-Player Survival Mode Is Now Live On PTS

The once glitchy and broken game, The Division, received some love from Ubisoft and Massive, which came in the form of a livestream. The livestream is now over and revealed a survival mod that brings PvE, PvP, and virus-like status effects in a new mode while trying to escape New York. The Division 24-player survival mode is now live on the Public Test Servers for PC.

Like most MMO games that come out for PC and console the Survival mode for The Division is currently restricted to the Public Test Servers for PC, and will soon hit PS4 and Xbox One sometime later.

As of course, this update is said to help fix the core game so that it plays out more balanced and streamlined. In addition to this the new update along with Patch 1.4 are supposed to make the game “fun”, so that players can experience the game without power creeping and crunching the newest or best weapons with statistically superior stats.

Before players can receive the so called rich content of Patch 1.4, the Survival mode update comes first and brings some new content to explore. Players will gather at the Terminal area of the Base of Operations and will progress through a routine mission that goes wrong — due to a snowstorm.

The idea of this mode is to see how long players can survive to gather the necessary materials and information and extract alive. Like most survival games (especially indie games) players will need to eat, drink, fight the cold, eliminate any potential threats and craft stuff to struggle through the harsh snowstorm in NYC.

YouTuber Arekkz Gaming gives gamers a full rundown as to what should be expected in the new update, which can be seen below.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. If you want to try the new survival mode you will need to be apart of the Public Test Server for PC to experience the new content. For more information on the game you can head on over to


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