The Dwarves New Trailer Shows Off RTS And Pause Gameplay

We have covered The Dwarves in past articles noting its run on Kickstarter and some of the features gamers could look forward to on release. Well, now that The Dwarves release window is just two weeks away, which is on December 1st, a new gameplay trailer is now up showing the RTS/pause gameplay features, among other content.

King Art Games will release The Dwarves for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on December 1st. If you aren’t aware of the game or don’t know anything regarding what The Dwarves offer to bring on release, the game is based on the book series by Markus Heitz and will follow a group of Dwarves in an RTS/pause setting-type game.

The game focuses heavily on tactics and understanding your enemies, but most importantly using the ragdoll physics in the game during fights to exploit cliffs, endless pits and other environmental hazards. I got to say the devs found a good way to make these Dwarves seem reckless and powerful by flinging enemies around lethally with the ragdoll physics.

Anyways, the new video doesn’t run that long but it does provide a nice look at what can be done in the game — that is when it releases early next month. You can check out the new gameplay trailer thanks to THQ Nordic‘s channel.

The Dwarves will feature around 15 playable heroes. Each hero will offer something new to the base game like CC (crowd control), proc damage, brute strength and much more. In other words folks will be able to mix up their team to create a well versed group or a team that focuses specially in one particular avenue.

The Dwarves will release across PC, PS4 and Xbox One early next month on December 1st. You can learn more regarding the gameplay, mechanics and features by hitting up


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