The VideoKid, Paperboy-Like Game Enters Steam Greenlight

I know we get a lot of retro games, and I know we get a lot of voxel, indie, 1980’s Greenlight submissions too, but we don’t get a lot of games in reference to the 1984-1985 game Paperboy. With that said a new delivery game by developers PixelTrip Studios comes The VideoKid, which is now seeking votes on Steam Greenlight.

Yes, we get a lot of pixel games everyday on Greenlight, but I kinda enjoyed playing Paperboy back in the day on the SEGA Genesis. And seeing that developers PixelTrip Studios want gamers to pull off similar antics — but with a skateboard instead of a bicycle — while delivering the daily goods to neighbors, seems like a nice alternative to some of the entries we get on the platform.

The game is said to test your skills with challenges, arcade-style skating, and stages filled with unsuspected danger. Folks will also find that cops will try to bust them while skating down the streets, which is due to you delivering pirated VHS tapes.

Players will be able to pull off “sick” tricks and complete crazy combos to unlock bonuses; all while trying to stay alive to deliver the goods and get the girl in time.

Videokid is not entirely like the older games from a bygone era, but it does try to imitate the era of older games by giving players one life — and if you fail you’ll have to start all the way over from the beginning. As brutal as it may sound the game features your typical patterns so that keen players can memorize those patterns and breeze past whatever hurdle comes their way.

The newly posted trailer sits below that shows gameplay of The Videokid in action.

If you want to learn more about the devs and the game you can head on over to To help support The VideoKid you can head on over to Steam Greenlight.


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