The Wild Eight Overview Trailer Highlights Secrets, Survival And Multiplayer

Eight Points and HypeTrain Digital released a new trailer for their new upcoming survival game, The Wild Eight. The crowd-funded title’s overview trailer gives gamers a small taste of what they can expect from the wilderness survival game set out in the deep snowy forests of Alaska.

The trailer is only three and a half minutes long, but it quickly gives a run down of what to expect from the game, such as starvation – so players will have to scavenge for food to avoid suffering the fate of a slow death.

If you can’t scavenge for food, you can hunt for food. Killing animals will allow you to survive just a little bit longer. However, each animal has its own behavior, and you’ll be forced to understand the tactical necessities required to take down the dangerous wildlife in the Alaskan wilderness.

Another major factor in survival is body temperature… you’ll be facing off against the harsh colds of the great outdoors. Having to keep your characters warm is essential for making it through to the next day. This requires making campfires and setting up shelters using the progressive crafting system that allows you to unlock new abilities and craft more effective tools.

In addition to the standard survival mechanics the game also has a series of quests to complete, along with real-time weather effects that can affect your survival, such as blizzards.

There’s also a mystery factor thrown in there, with a secret laboratory available for players to scavenge for supplies and other clues. A quick clip shows a specter of some sort chasing the player through the hallways.

To help make the game feel more immersive, there’s a cooperative mode that will be available so multiple players can team up with each other and help survive the icy cold of Alaska’s unforgiving winter.

You can learn more about The Wild Eight by spending a little bit of time checking out the Steam store page.

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