Titan Brawl, MOBA-Lite Lands On iOS, Android

A new PvP game featuring a MOBA-lite setup called Titan Brawl from Omnidrone recently launched on iOS and Android smart devices.

The game is designed to be played nuggets, with small three minute matches taking place across two lanes with one totem to take down. Players will battle it out and unlock and collect new heroes while earning rewards and playing online.

A launch trailer for Titan Brawl recently went live that you can check out below.

The cinematic features a big guy tearing through some creeps only to get lit up by a chaingun from the opposing side. He shrugs it off as he continues to barrel on ahead toward the totem.

The cinematic fades in place of the actual gameplay where we see a collection of characters that look like second tier stand-ins for heroes Blizzard didn’t want to include in Heroes of the Storm. There are a few familiar faces, such as Thor from Asgard. There are also original characters such as Peacebot 2.0, which looks like a mix of ED-209 and an evil robot dog.

Multiple players can join in together and team up to either face off against other players in PvP or team up and play some co-op. The game utilizes basic touchscreen combat and movement controls, with touching and swiping of the screen allowing for easy character manipulation and battle tactics to be deployed.

The longevity of a game like Titan Brawl will be determined by how consistently it’s updated and how often it receives new heroes and maps to play on. It’s a simple enough concept seemingly designed to give MOBA fans some popcorn play time in between more serious endeavors undertaken in life.

If you like what Titan Brawl has to offer as a mobile MOBA-lite, you can grab a digital copy from either the Google Play store or from the iTunes App Store. The game is free-to-play


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