Titanfall 2’s First Major DLC Arrives November 30th
(Last Updated On: November 23, 2016)

Titanfall 2‘s first major DLC will drop on November 30th for those who pre-ordered the game, and it will be available on December 2nd, starting next month for everyone else. The update is completely free and will add the cash shop to the game, as well as a few other noteworthy changes.

Over on the Titanfall blog, they explain their philosophy for how they want the roadmap of their future DLC to be, writing…

“First let’s look at the big picture and make a crucial point about our DLC vision crystal clear: All maps, modes, weapons —anything that has effect on gameplay— will be free for all players that bought Titanfall 2. We believe that in order to maintain a healthy community we shouldn’t be segmenting players behind paywalls for these things.”

They take some direct digs at games like Counter-Strike and Call of Duty, saying that there is no gambling or RNG to rely upon in order to get your hands on new gear in Titanfall 2. The only thing you get from the cash shop – which is opening up on November 30th – are skins, cosmetics and other non-gameplay goodies.

They don’t want people having to pay to win, or fracturing the community with map packs that would segregate the player-base. Instead, they want to grow their community using a similar tactic to what Ubisoft has done with Rainbow Six: Siege. Ubisoft also recently mentioned that this will be the DLC model that they adopt from now on, and they won’t be adopting the cut-content DLC model anymore.

In addition to announcing that the update will contain the cash shop, it will also feature the Angel City map, for free. It will launch for those who pre-ordered the game starting November 30th and will be available for everyone else on December 3rd.

They’re adding in the Wingman Elite Pistol, and all new Titan kits for the Ion, Scorch, Northstar, Tone, Ronin and Legion.

They’ll be further promoting Networks to help the community grow, as well as add new events and twists to the game modes to help inject some replayability into Titanfall 2. Weekend double XP events will also roll out regularly for the mech-shooter, which should help lure in players who are far behind the curve but need a little help in catching up to the elite players.

Titanfall 2 is out and available right now for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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