VentureVerse, Zelda-Like Game Enters Steam Greenlight

VentureVerse places gamers in a realm much like the older Legend of Zelda games. The top-down adventure game also sports RPG elements, and will also feature a stage editor for folks to utilize. VentureVerse is currently on Steam Greenlight and is seeking votes.

Final Floor Studios wants to bring their Zelda-like game VentureVerse to Steam. The game, if successful through its run on the Greenlight platform, is set to come out during the early part of 2017. The point behind the game is exploring all of the Province of Ulora, which can be done by playing the developer’s stages or by playing through the community made stages.

The game also holds a bevy amount of weapons and items to acquire that impact your stats and performance much like in any other RPG. The top-down game will also feature enemies that hold actual patterns instead of instant kill baddies, which hold weaknesses revealed in their biographies.

You can read VentureVerse’s description below.

VentureVerse is a top-down action-adventure game with a focus on exploration, discovery and user-generated content. The game allows you to explore the Island Province of Ulora and conquer its many dungeons whilst unlocking a plethora of items to alter your playstyle.”

One thing I don’t like so much right now is that the camera is a little too zoomed-out. If the camera was zoomed-in some more I think it would help with seeing enemies and the combat better

Nevertheless, actual gameplay can be seen showing VentureVerse below. The video runs through the enemies in the game, items, dungeon exploration, puzzles and the map editor for players to add and share their own stages.

If you are curious as to what the stage editor holds right now, you can see in the bulleted list:

  • Wire editor interface
  • Logic and Nodes including AND/OR/XOR/NOT
  • Nodes that change camera position, player teleporter, selector, sequencer and more
  • Over 80 props
  • An actor system that allows players to create an actor and control them with animations and way points
  • Over 20 different floors and 6 walls to create unique stages per level
  • Object modifier that allows players to add more functions to the game, like moving or hiding objects.

You can vote for the game by heading on over to Steam Greenlight. If you want to learn more about the devs and the game, VentureVerse, you can head on over to


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