Wacky Wheels HD Available For Purchase From Itch.io

The classic 1994 2D racing game from Apogee Software has been remade in HD for a new audience courtesy of Ferocity 2D. Wacky Wheels HD is currently available for purchase via digital download from itch.io.

Indie Retro News spotted the game on the independent download service, where gamers can pick up a digital copy for $7.99. The game features all of your favorite animal karting racers, remade in HD, complete with power-ups, the classic stages from the original game, and both online and local multiplayer options.

There’s a trailer available that you can check out below featuring gameplay of Wacky Wheels HD, sporting the enhanced, smooth-as-butter graphics and the stages looking as clean and as pristine as your monitor’s resolution will allow.

The $7.99 title features 16 tracks in total across multiple cups, up to eight-player online race modes and local four-player split-screen options as well. There’s cross-platform support between Mac and PC gamers, and both grand prix and time trial modes, along with the return of the duck hunt and battle arenas.

They even took the time to redo the soundtrack, elevating it from the SB-16 quality to HD audio output.

Blues News worried about the legal ramifications of selling Wacky Wheels HD for a price even though the rights originally belonged to 3D Realms and Apogee Software. While they may be able to offer the game right now for a price, it may not be long before the long, slithery arm of the law reaches out to molest their efforts and pinch them for the pennies in their pouch.

I was actually recently playing the original 1994 version on Steam as part of the Apogee bundle, so it’s awesome to see this game make a comeback with HD graphics. I hope that Ferocity 2D didn’t circumvent any IP statures to post the game up on itch.io, but I’m sure if everything is fine then it’ll continue to be sold without any problems.

If you want to get in on the game you can do so right now by picking up a digital copy from over on itch.io.

[Update:] According to Ferocity 2D the game is officially licensed from 3D Realms, so it’s all good.


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