Watch Dogs 2 Launch Trailer Is Actually Kind Of Cool
(Last Updated On: November 15, 2016)

There’s a lot wrong with Watch Dogs 2. The vehicle physics are wonky, you don’t actually have a fighting system just a one-button takedown mechanic, a lot of the things in the game are automated such as spray painting things and putting up graffiti (no mini-games like Getting Up or The Warriors) and the AI is pretty stupid. However, the launch trailer for the game is actually kind of cool.

Ubisoft managed to take the best parts of Watch Dogs 2 (or at least, most of them) and squeeze them down into a tight, taut, two minute trailer. The result is an explosive, hip-hop fueled look at the upcoming hacktion game that centers around a protagonist forced to become a criminal due to a problematic algorithm in an all-seeing, Big Brother security system, and the means to which an underground group of anti-authority hackers go to in order to free the system of the ctOS oppression. Check it out below.

As a movie I think it would work quite well. I don’t like hipsters, I don’t like hipster culture and I don’t really like any of the characters in the game except for the guy who wears the mask that shows digital face expressions, but the trailer is actually pretty neat.

It’s cut together in an easy-to-follow way and gives gamers a basic rundown of what they can do in the game, what it features and how the open-world can become a hacker’s playground paradise.

I would definitely be a lot more excited if maybe there was an actual fighting system with the possibility of losing (one-hit takedowns are casual as crap) and if the physics were more realistic with the cars taking appropriate damage during crashes and collisions. But the perpetually stupefied AI and the somewhat cardboard-box presentation of San Francisco leaves me very “meh”.

I do like the 3D printed weapons, though. That’s a cool feature.

Maybe if the game gets the mod treatment and some of those aforementioned hangups get corrected it will look like a far more fascinating game, but until then you get what you see when Watch Dogs 2 drops for PS4 and Xbox One on November 15th and November 29th on PC.

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