Watch Dogs 2 Seamless Multiplayer Activated For Xbox One, PS4

Ubisoft sent out word that the seamless online multiplayer feature for Watch Dogs 2 has been activated for both the Xbox One and PS4.

Earlier yesterday in the morning they announced that the Xbox One version would be activated overnight, and they also announced that during the afternoon – sometime after 4pm – the PS4 version of the Watch Dogs 2 multiplayer component would be activated.

You’re probably asking the common question of: shouldn’t the multiplayer have been activated right from the start? The common answer to that should be “Yes”, but instead the multiplayer had to be delayed and put off because they found some major bugs during the launch version of Watch Dogs 2 so they disabled certain aspects of the seamless multiplayer.

According to the press notice…

“The development team will monitor the online stability of the seamless multiplayer features and should everything continue to run smoothly, the additional elements and final phase of seamless multiplayer will be deployed”

So what does the seamless multiplayer bring to the table? Well, there’s the cooperative modes, as well as the ability to hack into a rival’s world and steal their data; earn some points and basically make them your digital female puppy dog.

The other mode is the Bounty Hunt mode, where several players will team up to take down another rogue player. This is supposed to happen seamlessly like the cop chases in Test Drive Unlimited 2, where it would spool other players from within the area and alert them to your location if you were being hunted down by the cops.

They’re still working on properly integrating all of the features into the game to ensure that all the modes and PvP features work properly.

The multiplayer was one of the real highlights from the first Watch Dogs so we’ll see if Ubisoft has been able to capture the magic again for the sequel. The story mode was a little too liberally enriched for my tastes, but the 3D printed weapon mechanic and parkour were on point.

Watch Dogs 2 and its seamless multiplayer is available right now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version of the game is due to drop on November 29th next week.


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