Wincars Racer, Mario Kart-Style Racer Takes To Early Access

The new PC racing game from DragonJam Studios called Wincars Racer has officially entered into Early Access for Steam. The game is a Mario Kart-style racer with power-ups, shortcuts, alternate routes and online multiplayer.

The developers have been working on Wincars Racer for more than three years already, and they want to finish off the development and prep it for release on Steam by having it go through a quick run in Early Access.

According to the Steam page, they plan on gradually releasing new content and updates, including all new circuits to race on throughout the development phase. They don’t say how long they’ll be working on it but they’ll be putting in the time and effort.

They already have the base mechanics and some of the stages completed, and they show it off in the Early Access trailer you can check out below.

They already have 30 cars in the game, each with their own driving style, 100 alternative skins, two different game modes – including eight-player online races – and both local and world rankings. There’s in-game chat, time attack and various power-ups available to use in the game as well.

The vehicles can be unlocked and they plan on having nine circuits with alternate routes available for players to race through. The soundtrack is also being composed by Javi Diez from Mägo De Oz.

One thing I think is really interesting is that the power-ups aren’t random like Mario Kart or Crash Team Racing. Wincars Racer manages to deviate from the rest of the karting herd by taking a different approach to special kills, with the Steam page stating…

“There are no random power-ups or any other element which arbitrarily unbalances the game. Wincars Racer introduces 3 special skills which needs time to cool down or collecting nitropower in order to be used, a system inspired by MOBA games that extends strategic options”

Seems pretty cool.

You can follow the development of Wincars Racer by visiting the Steam store page. The Early Access version is available for $11.99.


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