Witanlore: Dreamtime Playable Demo Is Now Out For PC

Modders from NexusMods who go by the name Druid Gameworks have made a game entitled Witanlore: Dreamtime a while ago. The PC game running on the Unreal Engine 4 is still in development, but fans who are curious and seek to play the indie title can now indulge in a demo of Witanlore: Dreamtime via Steam Greenlight.

Indie devs Druid Gameworks faced some drawbacks in the past trying to secure financing for the game, but they were finally successfully and managed to meet their goal of $18,893 on September 7th, 2014 for their game Witanlore: Dreamtime. Afterwards the indie devs managed to get their RPG through Steam Greenlight and now features a playable demo.

The description for the game sits below.

“Witanlore: Dreamtime is a dynamic role-playing adventure for the next generation. Blending traditional rpg features with the advanced development tech in Unreal Engine 4, Witanlore: Dreamtime cuts the bloating that is common the next gen rpg titles and offers pure game play for the player’s enjoyment. No completion percentages, no useless collections to pad the gameplay time, no generic loot dungeons; every aspect of Dreamtime is passionately crafted to be immersive, detailed, and player centered creating a game rpg fans can truly lose themselves in.”

You can watch the game’s older trailer thanks to Druid Gameworks channel.

Those looking for actual in-game footage will be able to find some thanks to the team’s YouTube channel. The video is a WIP feature test and runs for two minutes in length.

I should note that the demo is still in beta and will likely go through massive changes as the development team moves into release. In other words the demo will not represent the finished product, but represents proof of concept for supports and gamers alike to explore. Additionally the demo is also used for feedback so the devs know what to fix and how to fix whatever problems occur.

If you want more information on this game you can check out druidgameworks.com. Lastly, the demo can be accessed by hitting up the link steamcommunity.com.


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