Xanadu Next, Diablo-Lite JRPG Makes Its Way Onto Steam

After releasing in Japan just over a decade ago for N-Gage and PC, Nihon Falcom’s isometric action-RPG, Xanadu Next, has made its way to Steam this past week courtesy of XSeed Games.

The JRPG is available for $19.99 right now and is discounted by 10%, so you can grab for its first week on Valve’s digital distribution site.

The game sees players taking on the role of a gravely injured night who must venture into ancient mysterious place to search for the “Dragon Slayer” sword to make sure he lives.

The game is a classic, overhead RPG with real-time action combat that sees players fighting off hordes of monsters and looting the goods from the maps.

If you need a look at what the game is like you can check out the gameplay video below from Redd Arremer

It’s weird but the game looks like it came out of the PSX era. There’s nothing wrong with that but it’s such an old-school throwback to the classic style of game making. It’s been described by some as a mix of Diablo and Legends of Mana.

There’s a cool painted background theme for the environments when in town or certain safe-zone locations, but the game takes on a 3D isometric look when venturing into the dungeons and wilderness.

The reviews for the game so far are a mostly positive, with a lot of gamers calling it a Diablo-lite. There are some criticisms of the title, saying that it’s basically a lot like Nihon Falcom’s other Ys games but with Diablo-style gameplay mechanics.

A few people also mentioned that they had some issues with the game and that it bugged out on them to the point where they couldn’t advance. Even still, the only real drawback from that criticism was that they suggested to wait for some patches before diving in, but otherwise it’s a good game.

If you’re interested in picking up a copy, you can do so by visiting the Steam store page.


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