3on3 Freestyle Basketball Enters Open Beta On PS4

The streetball sports game from Joycity, a developer and publisher from South Korea, has officially entered into open beta in the United States for the PlayStation 4. 3on3 Freestyle is the free-to-play basketball game that first made waves nearly half a decade ago by Kiss Ltd., when it launched as a free-to-play title on PC.

The game features the frenetic hip-hop soundtrack overlaid to color, cel-shaded graphics along with a diverse assortment of characters to play and customize. Those with PlayStation Plus will be able to hop into the game and give it a go after downloading the free 1.4GB client.

Ando Tetsuya, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Korea explained how it took them more than two years to get 3on3 FreeStyle from PC to PS4, saying in the press release…

“Sony Interactive Entertainment is very pleased to announce that ‘3on3 Freestyle,’ our new Korean PlayStation 4 title, is now available. We have cooperated with Joycity for more than two years to produce this PS4 exclusive,” […] “I hope sports fans will enjoy 3on3 Freestyle as much as we do!”

You can snag a look at 3on3 FreeStyle in action with the trailer below.

They’ve obviously improved the graphics but the gameplay is still 3-on-3 based, just like the original free-to-play release from so many years ago. Each character on the court for the team plays a specific class role, allowing players to upgrade that class and unlock ability points to increase dunks, three-pointers, stamina and defensive abilities.

Unlike the PC version, 3on3 FreeStyle on PS4 actually allows for local multiplayer, so you can grab a friend and play with them from the comfort of your couch. And yes, you can also do local multiplayer and online play together, so you can take your buddy online and whoop the competition.

For more intimate matches you can also do the 1-vs-1 modes to prove who is better on the court.

You can learn more about the game or grab the free client from over on the PlayStation Store.

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