Ariel, Sci-Fi Space Game Coming To Steam Early 2017

Publisher and developer Nuclear Fiction plans on releasing the game Ariel during the early part of 2017, in which the platforms the game will be releasing on includes PC and PS4. The devs working on the sci-fi space game currently have their eyes set for a PC Beta test via Steam set to arrive “soon”.

The sci-fi space game, better known as Ariel, recently landed on Steam’s Coming Soon page. The game will hold partial procedurally generated areas, while at the same time containing parts specifically constructed so that the game can focus on “a new level of survival experience” and “story-based action adventure” sequences.

Honestly, I don’t know how this game will turn out on release, but what is known is that the devs want players to experience a story from both first and third-person perspectives. Switching between perspectives and attempting survive will take place on the moon “Ariel”, as players are trying to discover the death of a group of scientists, while trying to beat the odds of dying or going insane.

The official description sits below for you to read over…

“Intense survival experience based on a Sci-Fi, space terror script. Unravel the story of Ferdinand Ludec, as he attempts to escape his fortune. With a partially procedurally generated world, along with different endings to the story, Ariel takes into account the replayability as one of its assets.”

I’ve checked the and other PS related sites, but I haven’t seen any mention of Ariel yet. But, the devs do note on their official site that the game will be coming to PS4 after the Steam Beta testing goes up:

“The project starts on Steam for Beta testing. PS4 is planned right after.”

Ariel is also set to gain VR support in the future, which should come in as good news for those who want a VR action Sci-Fi game to play. Moreover, you can check out a trailer showing the game that comes in as the Kickstarter promotional video.

For more information regarding this game you can head on over to or Kickstarter.

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