Arkin, Space Shooter Seeks To Bring Fast-Pace Combat

I’m a huge fan of space games, arcade shooters and other titles that resembles Shadow Squadron or Stellar Assault. A new game fitting that bill will be heading into version 0.3.4 soon, and received a new name change from Project Orion to Arkin.

Games like Project Orion or Arkin always spark my interest since I’ve always had a love for games like this. Space shooters have a lot going on in them (when done correctly) and call for a lot of skill and attention to smaller parts to cripple something like a giant class ship. This is interesting to me because it’s not about always trying to blast through something as fast as possible but understanding the enemy or enemies you are going up against.

Arkin seeks to bring the above mentioned strategic gameplay along with fast-paced dogfighting to the table, and will be fully featured on Steam when it debuts. While we wait for more information regarding Arkin, you can read the official description.

“Arkin is a first person space combat experience. Take control of the latest in starfighter technology and fight for humanity’s survival against the brutal alien onslaught.”

Combat is said to be the heart of Arkin and is described as being “fast, dynamic” and “based around your playstyle.” Though those words from the devs sound like promotional stuff, you can be the judge and see if Arkin is something worth keeping an eye on by watching the game’s older trailer.

As of now, the space shooter is still in development. If you are curious and want to learn more about it you can head on over to Arkin’s dev blog that keeps track of its progression.

Lastly, the game has no current release date, but seeing how it is set to transcend into V 0.3.4 soon, it’s likely that another early playable build could pop up for PC soon.


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