Astroneer Guide: Here’s How To Get Infinite Resources

There is a new method that allows gamers in System Era Softworks’ Astroneer a way to get infinite or unlimited resources when it comes to using copper ore, aluminum or resin. In this guide folks will learn how to get infinite resources in the space exploration game, which is out now for PC via Steam Early Access and the Game Preview program for Xbox One.

The first step in the whole process in getting infinitive resources is to get copper ore and aluminum — which are easy to find. These resources will grant you the opportunity to do what is very essential to your endeavors so that you can colonize planets with your resources and fellow friends.

The video below showing how to do this very handy method comes in by YouTuber MacGhriogair. The three minute long video shows exactly how to get the process activated, which can be seen below.

As seen above the video shows some resources that you may or may not have. For starters, you can get copper ore and aluminum by going in caverns and tunnels underground. Underneath the type of mineral/ore’s name will be the resource you will be looking for, which includes said resources.

A video by Questing Guides has a short video showing how to farm copper ore, which this method applies to aluminum, if you are curios and are looking for those materials.

Now resin is another material you can get infinite resources from that stands to be legit. Quite easy to find, at a slow rate resin will replenish allowing you to stock up and trade it at the trade-platform as seen below.

Either of the two methods shown above should work if you are in need of a infinite resources in Astroneer. But, I think it is worth noting that the first video showing the resource glitch is likely to get patched in a future update so it’s best to use it while you can… or else you’ll miss out on all the infinite resource fun.

Astroneer is out now for PC via Steam Early Access and runs for $19.99.


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