Astroneer Guide: Tips And Tricks For Gathering And Building

It seems that there are quite a bit of people out there playing Astroneer looking for extra tips and tricks for gathering resources and building stuff. In this guide folks will learn a few tips and tricks to maximize building objects and gathering resources around and about strange planets.

Thanks to Reddit user Biyabo who posted up a nice list of tips and tricks, folks who are both new and veterans of the newly released space game might walk away from this guide knowing some stuff that was once unknown.

Tip #1: The first tip on this list is do not build four workstations right near your pod. The pod can only extend four modules at max as of this moment, which it’s best to use at least one of the modules to extend more out of it.

Tip #2: When fiddling around with Unknown Research objects and those alike, be very sure to let go of them when they are floating above the surface/ground. Upon letting go of them while they are glitching through the ground may result in them falling through the floor and never coming back — so beware of this dangerous phenomenon.

Tip #3: This next entry may be a bug, but however it goes, sometimes when returning along a long tether line, a tether placed at maximum range may seem to re-spawn beyond max range causing the entire tether line to break. Wondering how to counter said event? Make sure to leave a little bit of room from the max connection range between tethers to re-enforce that the above won’t happen.

Trick #1: On the PC version of Astroneer you can use a little trick to store stuff instantly. This trick can be performed by pressing the Shift-key and clicking on items in the world, which will immediately store them in your backpack.

Trick #2: Sometimes when playing the game you will likely face or encounter performance issues. There is a way to help with some instances of stutters, or as some call it penalties, by using the Shift-key technique to clean up excessive tethers. It’s worth noting that the game keeps all tethers rendered while on other planets or away in distant areas, which using this technique should help decrease performance penalties when you are about to venture off to another place.

Trick #3: As of now many space explorers should know that they can carry up to 11 items, which includes the Printer slot at the bottom, right? Well, if you do not know you can use the crafting slot in your backpack as a bonus slot, giving you an inventory space of 11 slots.

Trick #4: Vehicles can connect and attach together, which this method hurdles all the torque to the driving vehicle and will hamper the speed and overall acceleration pulling more vehicles at once. It’s worth noting that weight rating is based on their size which affects driving, too. Additionally, though, placing Research objects on the front nodes of vehicles will not impend on the vehicle nor will it add extra weight.

Tip/Trick: This final entry on this list is something that’s not really a tip but also not really a trick, but something that is based more on player preference. By now you should know of hazardous plants? Assuming that you know of such plantae, if you do not ignore all hazardous plants they sometimes hold research tokens beneath them — in case you are hard up for research tokens.

Astroneer is out now for PC via Steam Early Access, and runs for $19.99. As for Xbox One players the game isn’t officially out for the platform yet, but you will be able to play the game through the Xbox Games Store as a Game Preview.


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