Ballistic Overkill Trailer Confirms Early Access Graduation In 2017

After spending a year in Early Access on Steam and nearly two years in development, Acquiris Game Studio is nearing the end of the development cycle for Ballistic Overkill. They’re planning on having the game graduate from Early Access in early 2017.

As part of a Christmas gift to gamers, Aquiris Game Studio let loose a new trailer for Ballistic Overkill, featuring a teaser of some of the gameplay content and feedback they’ve received so far. You can check out the 52 second trailer below.

One of the things that really stands out with the trailer is the fact that they don’t quote from Polygon, Kotaku or IGN. They quote from the people that matter: gamers.

I love that the accolades is a list of praise from people who actually paid to play the game, and not people who were simply given a free game key. As a consumer, it definitely raises my confidence levels in potentially purchasing a game when people who have paid for it and can give their honest feedback about the game.

In this case, Ballistic Overkill carries a $6.99 price tag but it’s currently discounted during the Steam Winter Sale by 15% off, enabling gamers to pick up a copy for only $5.94. Following the game’s run in Early Access you’ll have to pay slightly more for the finished product. They don’t roll out an exact price, but they do mention that following its graduation from Early Access the core price will increase.

At the moment it features 80 different weapons, some of which have sci-fi properties to them, seven different character classes, 10 different maps, four different game modes and a Steam Market integration for buying, trading and selling items.

There are also different skins for the 80 weapons that can be looted from drop boxes, and there are five different item grades, going from common to legendary.

You can pick up a digital copy of the game right now from over on the Steam store, or wait for early 2017 for the game to graduate from Early Access.

(Main image courtesy of Littlegreenbag47)


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