Batman: The Telltale Series Episode Five Releases December 13th

Telltale Games’ Batman: The Telltale Series will be wrapping up its season finale this upcoming Tuesday on December 13th. The news has been spread far and wide, indicating that Telltale actually managed to get the fifth episode out before their previously hinted date of December 31st.

Den of Geek reported that the fifth and final episode of the season would be made available.

The final episode will see Batman having to face off against the Children of Arkham as they make their final plans to attack Gotham. According to reports, the decisions that players made in Episode 4: Guardian of Gotham, it will vastly alter where the Children of Arkham’s attack takes place and what transpires thereafter.

For those out of the loop, there was a drastic decision to be made… with Batman either going to the Wayne Manor to stop Harvey or going to Wayne Enterprises to stop Cobblepot. If Cobblepot is stopped then Batman can prevent the hacking of his equipment. If Harvey is stopped then he can have him arrested.

The thing is, not stopping Cobblepot allows him to ruin the Batcomputer. However, not stopping Harvey results in him burning down Wayne Manor.

What we don’t know is if Wayne Manor being burned down affects the Batcave, just the same as if not stopping Cobblepot potentially ruining any chances Batman has of using his high-tech gear.

There are tough consequences to face no matter what decision is made, but it wouldn’t be a Telltale game if they didn’t force you to have to make tough calls.

So far, I’ve preferred the story of having Harvey preserve his face. I like the slow descent toward his madness of Two-Face, as opposed to letting him get turned early in the season. In my humble opinion, the best depiction of Two-Face is still the one from Batman: The Animated Series, where Harvey’s turn was carried out over a multi-episode arc involving a lot of twists and turns. The core of what made the story so good in the animated series was that Batman/Bruce was always there to help Harvey and stayed by his side the whole way through, even after he turned into Two-Face.

There was always a personal conflict within Batman when dealing with Two-Face, because he understood his plight, and it made the stories that much more dramatic. At least in the case of Telltale, they give gamers the choice of how that relationship unfolds and it definitely makes for a more entertaining and replayable experience. Also, the choices really do have a drastic effect on how the story unfolds.

You’ll get to see how the season finale wraps up when Episode 5 for Batman: The Telltale Series drops on December 13th for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PC and mobile devices.


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