Buck Hunter Pro With Sure Shot HD Is Available For $79.99

Super Happy Fun Fun announced that the Sure Shot HD hunting rifle and the accompanying 3D arcade game, Big Buck Hunter Pro, has officially launched and is now available from select retailers and from online e-tailers for $79.99.

The Big Buck Hunter Pro comes bundled in with the Sure Shot HD wireless controller, an HDMI connection cable for the digital gaming console that comes with the game, and a DC to USB power cord.

The Sure Shot HD wireless controller operates via Bluetooth and also has a removable stock in the rear depending on how cool you want to look while hunting animals in the wild with your big green shotgun.

Super Shot HD

The pump on the barrel is green, along with the muzzle and heel. The upper part of the shoulder stock has a forest-camouflage livery while the rest of the stock, trigger, grip and receiver is coated in a bright green so you don’t accidentally step outside and get shot by the cops.

There’s a switch up top that’s also orange, along with the trigger. The iron sight on the top is black, along with the barrel and the ejection port.

Mark Stephen Pierce, the CEO of Super Happy Fun Fun commented in the press release about the newly released digital game and accompanying wireless shotgun-controller, saying…

“Sure Shot HD gives casual gamers an affordable and fun, plug-and-play system leading with the legendary, arcade classic, Big Buck Hunter Pro, true to the original in every aspect,”


“With crisp, 1080p graphics and the accurate Sure Shot HD Bluetooth controller, avid fans of the Big Buck Hunter series, and other skill-based games available through the Sure Shot Shop, now have an affordable standalone digital gaming console that transform their HD TV into a true arcade game in their living room with an authentic arcade controller experience and a continuous flow of brand new games.”

Super Shot HD

The $79.99 digital console doesn’t just come with Big Buck Hunter Pro, there’s also an optional online shop where you can download additional games for the Sure Shot HD, including Major Mayhem and Thug in Time.

The online portal also opens up access to online tournaments, global leaderboards and other promotions for players to partake in with their Sure Shot HD wireless controller and the accompanying digital game console.

If you’re not too sure about the wireless controller and game, you might want to check out some user reviews first. Alternatively, you can also learn more about the Sure Shot HD and Big Buck Hunter by visiting the official website.


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