Burgers 2 Coming To Steam Early Access January 8th, 2017

Fans of the first Burgers and those who are on the fence with Digitized Organism’s RPG shooter will finally have a chance to see what improvements the second game, Burgers 2, will have to offer when January 8th, 2017, rolls around.

Slated to release for PC via Steam Early Access during the early part of 2017, indie developers Digitized Organism will release the second revamped version of the first Burgers as Burgers 2. This edition of the game sees players not in a 2D playing field, but a multi-directional top-down view that is almost nothing like the first game.

Speaking of the first game, the devs continue the story from the original game into the second with Erwin Freud gaining a new team after the devastating event that took place during World War 2, and must fight off the upcoming onslaught of infested creatures threatening to take over the world… again.

In addition, the sphere has come back and emerged from death. This forces the soldier to come back to save the world once again in an effort to end the nightmare for good.

This time, the situation is just as bad as before if not worse. The area of the new infestation is currently mired a deep civil war. Freud and his new team, now, have to find a new solution to save the world from the alien threat and… from itself. The question is… How does he still live after all this time?

After watching the trailer, if you are the type that likes to roll, shoot and upgrade weapons, I think Burgers 2 might be something worth keeping an eye on seeing that those features will be in the game as seen below.

Honestly, I’m not sure how fans will take to the new features added in the second game, but what’s most important is will the devs correct the mistakes that prompted a “Mixed” rating for the first game on Steam for the second? I guess time will tell.

Burgers 2 is set to go live on January 8th, 2017. For more information regarding this game you can head on over to Steam Early Access, seeing how the devs don’t have an official site yet.


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