Check Out Over 15 Minutes Of Escape From Tarkov Gameplay

Not too long ago we covered a development update regarding Escape From Tarkov, which showcased some new gameplay footage. Now gamers have gone up with Alpha gameplay showing gunplay, exploration and scavenging. The game as of this moment has no set release date, but it is currently playable through an Alpha test for PC.

Last time we covered this game the devs were detailing a general outline of the story of the game, as players are thrown into the abandoned town of Tarkov. Folks have the option to either escape or stay and fight others dwelling in said location.

As of now we have another showing of the game that comes in by two different YouTubers taking the time to show other fans and gamers alike what Escape From Tarkov has to offer in its current state, which looks pretty solid so far.

Each video shows actions, exploration and scavenging, and reveals more of the map in the game. Both videos clock in over 15 minutes, and provide commentary over gameplay.

The first video up comes in by YouTuber PartiallyRoyal.

Containing sponsors at the beginning and the end of the video comes a near 25 minute long gameplay video by Jackfrags, which stands as his first impressions video.

To be honest, I’m curious how this game will be on release or when it enters an early access phase that allows more gamers to play Escape From Tarkov in a near finished build. As it stands now the game is in an Alpha stage that’s said to hold quite a bit of bugs, but those bugs should be squashed with the help of the Alpha players who stand to provide feedback on various mechanics in the game.

If you want to read over the newly posted Extended Alpha note and the progress of the game thus far you can head on over to the Extended Alpha-page to learn more, or you can hit up the main site for additional info.


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