Civilization 6 Guide: How To Use Poland And Jadwiga

Need a guide on how to play and utilize Cid Meier’s Civilization VI’s new Poland civilization? If you are looking to understand how to play Jadwiga and play the new nation in the most effective way, hopefully this guide will help you. Civ VI is currently out now for PC via Steam.

Expanding your empire in an efficient way is very important, especially when all of your steps are well thought out to the point where if you do make a wrong step in your endeavors at least you will be able to recover due to a back up plan. With that said, how do you do such a thing if you are dealing with a new group that you’ve never utilized before?

In this guide you will find out how to use diplomacy, active research, religion and civilization expansion to your advantage when playing as the newly implemented Polish nation in this version of Civilization VI.

The new video below covers what beginner and veteran players alike can expect from Poland and its leader Jadwiga in Civilization VI.

Here are the new things you can look forward to when playing as the Polish civilization:

  • Poland’s Golden Liberty unique ability allows them to obtain territory when they build a Fort or Encampment, even allowing them to steal existing territory from other civilizations. They can also convert a Militarily Policy slot into a Wildcard slot, giving them extra flexibility in culture.
  • Jadwiga allows you to spread your religion to the nearby city when you gain another civilization’s territory with Golden Liberty. Her relics provide bonus Faith, Culture, and Gold.
  • The Winged Hussar can push back defending units and can cause additional damage if they are not pushed away.
  • The Sukiennice, or Cloth Hall, gives bonus Production from foreign Trade Routes, and Gold from internal Trade Routes.

Alright, after seeing and reading everything above you’re probably looking for someone to go over the above in a strategic breakdown. Well, YouTuber Drew Durnil has two videos showing how to play and use Poland and the new leader Jadwiga. The first video covers the basics while the second video plays through a tough scenario — just so that you can get an ideal how useful the nation can be in practice.

This now brings us to the second video that stands as a “Let’s Play”. The video covers barbarians from Rus, the Golden Horde, and the Teutonic Knights. Durnil shows invading forces and how to take them down with the Polish Alliance from the Eastern and Southern edges of Europe. In this situation the video starts in the Renaissance Era with the player trying to survive for 60 turns.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is out right now along with its latest DLC Civilization 6 – Poland Civilization and Scenario Pack on Steam.