Clash Of Dawn Pre-Registration Is Now Open

Set to release in early January for Apple’s iOS-powered devices and Android smartphones, Ujoy’s Clash of Dawn has already opened up the pre-registration process over on their official Clash of Dawn website.

The game will be available for English and Chinese speaking gamers, and they recently released a 30 second trailer featuring the different classes and game modes present in Clash of Dawn. It’s essentially a five-on-five MOBA-style game with arena modes, guild war battles and skirmishes.

You can check out the trailer below, which features hack-and-slash gameplay that’s reminiscent to Diablo or Conqueror Online.

It’s weird how the trailer just abruptly cuts off like that at the 32 second mark. Anyway, the game is centered around fighting off the forces of darkness, not unlike Diablo. Players will earn loot, battle bosses and unlock new abilities with the various classes in the game.

There is a single-player component to the title where players will battle against enemy NPCs across various environments. You can see what the single-player gameplay is like below, courtesy of YouTuber Lein Xceed.

After battling through a level you’ll head back into a town and exchange your coins for gear. Additionally, as you level up the character new talent trees will be unlocked for that character class, just like in other traditional action-RPGs. The game looks passably decent for a mobile title, but don’t expect anything on the line of Infinity Blade or other high-end Unreal Engine-powered mobile titles.

Clash of Dawn seems to run at decent enough speeds on mobile devices and you can expect similar performance to what you see in the video above on iOS or Android devices.

The full game will feature five different battlefields, cross-service platform support, and a dual-talent system setup so that players can quickly swap out talents or mix-and-match talent abilities.

You can learn more about Clash of Dawn, the new action-RPG from Ujoy by visiting the official website.